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Need a lil extra fun and perhaps some tummy tucking this summer? Candy Strand's new Gingham & Solid Black High Waisted Swim Bottoms are up for the challenge! Pull your waist line in comfortably with this perfectly cut High Waist Bottom!

Do you love a swimsuit that is fun, modest, and that is on style point?! These bottoms will be your "go-to" at the pool and will give you DOUBLE the pleasure! They are REVERSIBLE!!!  Enjoy the many looks you can create with the reversible Candy Strand Swim Tops!

Your looks are endless! And we would love for you to share and post what your favorite creations are!


You've Asked for it! Your V Neck Swim Tops are Here!

Need a lift? Want to look perky...again? We've got your back...and your front;)! Simply tighten the back straps of this swimsuit and tie them in a bow to make your assets look their best!

Say goodbye to "swimsuit headaches!" The crisscross back will take the weight of your chest, off of your neck and your shoulders! Awe...you can seriously relax this summer!

Are you over bunchy bra pads that look sloppy when wet? This tankini swim top doesn't like them either! Your natural self looks best anyway...so love your body and yourself in this new V Neck swim top!

Ps...if you love extra tummy support, pair this suit with your Candy Strand High Waist Swim Bottoms!


Trish & Les

We are two So Cal women that saw a need for sleek, modest, comfortable and flattering swimwear. Candy Strand swimwear is created, designed and worn by us. We stand behind our products and are proud to say that we are made with love in the USA.
We love our customers and want to stay connected.
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Moving Forward

Hey! Ok...so here goes making an attempt to actually put ourselves out there and share a bit about us! Ahhh...not sure how we feel about this?? BUT...as it is with everything in life...there comes a time when something that you love becomes less fun or desirable and you need to switch things up in order to find passion and fall in love all over again!  Both, Leslie and I, have experienced some major life changes this year (I'll share mine another day) and to be perfectly honest...we put Candy Strand on cruise control after we manufactured this years designs. Rallying the troops to get ready for 2018 didn't seem so exciting and we agreed to that we needed to find a greater motivation than simply designing cute and comfortable swimsuits for us women, our teenage girls and our cute little kids (although the kid suits still make me smile every time I see them)!

Quite frankly...we were sick of posting our own swimsuits on social media every day. How many times can you talk about the comfort, the modesty, the new print, etc...B for Boring! And if we were bugged by having to post another picture of our swimwear...our friends must be turned off too right?! What would we post then if we didn't post about our swimsuits? So many "experts" told us that we personally needed to be in our posts- but we just couldn't get ourselves to do it. Not because we don't have anything to say (because believe me...we both have a lot to say haha). To be honest, maybe we just didn't want to become high maintenance and having the need to always be on our phone capturing content. Maybe we didn't want the commitment and hard work attached to it. Or maybe we didn't want the potential of getting hater comments, if we are truly being honest with ourselves.

Candy Strand had been so fulfilling for us for the first few years and we loved creating new designs! What started out with us just making 50 reversible swim tube tops, turned into selling sometimes 600 swim tops in a day! Candy Strand has easily doubled every year and we've seen great successes! But this past year was tough...financially fine i guess...just personally tough! 

So what is going to motivate us? What is going to drive us to create the best swimwear to date? It's not what we expected when we got real with each other. It's not about the next trend. It's not about the most "likes." It's not even about fashion or social media traction. Our experiences have taught us to be better than that. Our motivation is to SHARE. Share in the sweetness that life has to offer us ALL!  

We want to share what brings happiness and joy into our lives...even among the struggles of this life! We want to share a little bit about our sweet beach life as moms...even the not so sweet moments. It might be something as simple as how our new ice cream diet is really working out for us, or, what principle of life we are trying to improve on. We also want to share our favorite people with you! We have some amazing friends, who seriously motivate us and we would love to share their talents and abilities with you! For example...I was able to wear a really cute dress this weekend because we had a Honey Slip, which covered us in all the right places. I love cute linen dresses right now with a bit of lace and the nude slips are a must to be able to pull off the look! This look especially makes me happy because they are designed by our good friend Kimme who lives in our home town of San Clemente, California! (pictured above in my honey slip) Kimme is amazing and you have to go check out her site!

We also want to share our profits with you! We are now offering an affiliate program that will enable women to make some extra cash while still being a stay at home mom! Leslie and I are all about family and we want to encourage this in others! How many times have I thought, should I go get a job? If I did, I could maybe travel more, get a nicer car, or get a break from the mundane life that motherhood can bring if we allow it. But then I think, what would it look like if the kids got sick and couldn't go to school...what would I do then? With 5 kids...ugh...I might not be able to keep a job for long for that reason alone! 

We would love for you to join us in sharing what brings you happiness and joy! And we would love to offer you the opportunity to join our affiliate program and make some extra cash to do the extras that you desire in life...while still being home with sick kids haha! It is super simple to start and literally takes only 1 minute to get started! Sign up today!!!

Love Always,